Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Rewind

January In One Word:


January was a so full of surprises, with all the good news and blessings, reunions, cooking/bonding with my mom, happening everyday! I really had a good start this year. Hopefully, it will be the same for the next coming months. There are six days left before my flight to Sydney, and I wanna make this a monthly segment here in my blog so I have something to look back on in the future.

1. My visa was finally approved on January 5th at 10:32AM. I've mentioned before how tedious this task was, so when we received the news, we felt overjoyed and I think I may have shed a few tears of joy. Praise God!

2. Booked my flight to Qantas Airlines on February 7. Obviously, the next step was to book my flight to Sydney!

3. Reunion with my friends. One of the best things that happened this month! I finally saw my best friends from high school and college after a long time.You can definitely tell those who are sincere and true to you, when they stick with you through rough times and I'm blessed to have a few but close and trusted friends in my life.

4. Balikbayan box arrived. FINALLY! My sister sent this box full of goodies last October and it only arrived this month because of a certain policy about the crates.

5. Lola's Lechon arrived for my despedida. My thoughtful and sweet grandma gave us a whole roasted pig for my despedida. She told me that if I ever miss the taste of lechon, I can always go back home and she'll cook one for me. She's the best!

6. Lego Cake. Mom and I made this Lego cake for my niece's birthday party.

7. Cooked holiday ham just because. My mom and I cooked this melt-in-your-mouth pineapple glazed ham. It came a bit late but its a tradition of ours so we couldn't let it pass up. We cooked five kilos of meat for three days and enjoyed it with bread and salads that lasted for a week(normal in our household! LOL!)

8. Healthy Foods. Still sticking with my healthy habits! So proud of myself, cause I usually eat everything without giving much thought. I'm more aware now of the foods that I put inside my body and how they affect my weight and mood. It takes a lot of discipline but the results are worth it.

9. Letting go of my favorite books and giving them a new home. As I was organizing and packing my things, I came upon a huge dilemma: Do I bring all of my books with me and pay a pricey baggage allowance or leave them inside boxes in the attic? I didn't want them to collect dust and fray, so I decided to go for the best option which is to sell them(even if it saddens me). At least that way, it will give happiness and entertainment to their new owners!

10. Dyed my hair Ash Brown. My first time to get it colored professionally. It turned out exactly the color I've always wanted, I'm super satisfied!

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