Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Happy List

1. The approval of my visa

2. Starting a new adventure in Sydney

3. Balikbayan box from my sister has arrived last Sunday

4. Bonding with my family and friends

5. Cooking healthy meals and sharing them with my mom

6. Making fresh and yummy smoothies

7. Working out in the morning

8. Shedding unwanted fats, especially in my problem areas

9. Tons of nuts, muesli, chocolates, snacks shared with my family

10. Supportive people around me, helping me out every step of the way

11. Sticking to my healthy and fitness lifestyle for 2 months now

12. Thoughtful friends

14. Cooking holiday ham with my mom

15. S & R dates with my momma

16. Gaining confidence and loving myself more

17. Exploring and traveling new places

Credits: Camie Juan

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