Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my christmas favorites

We're a few days shy of Christmas and I'm sure a lot of you are excited. I know I am because I'm obsessed with everything about Christmas especially the festivity, family gathering, decorations, music, bright and cheery atmosphere, getting all warm and fuzzy, baking Christmas treats, foods, gifts and all that. Naturally, I was delighted when I saw this link up over at Alissa's blog. Let's get it on shall we?

MOVIES: When I was younger, I remember my whole family would gather up in the living room and watch Home Alone. We would pass around hot peppermint chocolate and munch on some pistachios, chestnuts and cashews. Until now, we still do this minus my siblings who have moved away from home with their own family. The movie will always be a favorite - timeless and classic. It brings back a lot of precious and wonderful memories.

BOOKS: I gravitate toward Christmas themed books and romantic novels during the holidays. Currently I'm reading Eleanor & Park and Anna and the French Kiss. 

FOOD: My favorite foods abound when Christmas Eve rolls in! And its the only time when stuffing ourselves silly late at night is acceptable. There's no doubt Filipinos love good food. In our home, we have keso de bola, Christmas ham, chestnuts, roasted turkey, fruit salad and pasta. We usually have sangria or red wine to cap off the day.

BEAUTY: I love painting my nails red or blue! And I go crazy for blushes in pink hues and lipbalms. I'm also addicted to watching Christmas themed videos from my favorite makeup and fashion Youtube gurus.

SYMBOLS: My favorite symbol is the Christmas tree. Each year, my sibling and I look forward to setting it up and we make sure that it is perfect down to the last detail - the color, decorations, lights and theme. It's tradition. On a different note, I saw a real fresh cut Christmas tree in S&R a few days ago and I was floored and ecstatic. It was my first time seeing one and it smelled really fragrant. I can imagine it standing upright in our living room and the wonderful scent of the tree wafting in the air. Hmm, maybe in the future? :)

MOMENTS: Christmas baking with my mom, reading books while sipping some hot chocolate, visiting my grandmother and relatives, picking out Christmas presents, exchanging gifts, Christmas shopping, decorating the house, and most of all, spending time with my family and capturing all those precious moments on camera.

Join the linkup and let's spread the holiday cheer! :D

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