Saturday, November 30, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Navy blue sweater - I'm a big fan of pullovers and I simply love the color of this one.

Silpat - I won't have any problem with my French macarons, cookies and choco crinkles sticking at the bottom or burning with this brilliant invention.

Spring form pan - this is perfect for making cheesecakes look flawless and attractive.

Kindle - I've been wanting a Kindle for the longest time, and I think I could convince my dad to get me one as a Christmas present. Or I could also settle with a hand me down from my brother. Either way, it will surely satisfy my book addiction.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer - I know what the power of a good concealer can do to one's appearance but admittedly, I haven't owned one in my entire life. I always rely on my powder foundation to fake a good night's sleep. However, lately I find it too much for daily use and I'm the kind who doesn't like to put a lot of makeup on her face. So I think it's time to purchase one and this particular product has received good raves from bloggers and Youtubers, including Zoella.

Basics Naked Palette - This is perfect for natural and neutral looks that I usually go for.

Ballet flats - my typical get up consists of a shirt, jeans and flats. My current ones are tearing up fast cause I always use it almost everyday and I might need new ones come next year.

Sportswear - any brand will do! I really need this in my life.

Silver necklace with cross pendant - I would love to have a necklace with a dainty and pretty cross pendant.

Marionnaud blush brush - I heard so many good reviews about this brush. I don't own any make up brushes yet and I'd like this to be my first.

Nike shoes - the perfect shade of blue and the small details are gorgeous. This will absolutely motivate me to exercise regularly.

Yoga mat - Aside from running, I really enjoy yoga and circuit training as well. I do at home exercises only and I rely on youtube videos for teaching me the right moves. I would love to have a yoga mat in my favorite color(if you haven't noticed yet).

Keurig Brewing System - this fancy and effective coffee, tea and hot choco brewing system, will give you the perfect cup of goodness in under one minute at a touch of a button. My sister has one and whenever I visit her home, I would go straight to the kitchen to brew me some cup of heavenly goodness. I love this!

Japanese Sakura tea set - It must be my addiction to tea lately that got me into thinking about tea sets. This one comes with a nifty tea infuser. Could this be any more perfect?

Ceramic cake plate - When I saw the exact same plate at our local baking shop, I instantly fell in love with it. The lovely green ribbon surrounding the plate can be replaced with a different color that will suit your taste.

And of course more....


  1. i love my keurig!!!!!!!!

    i always thought i would hate the kindle and didn't like the idea of not being able to collect books, but i really do love it!

  2. Keurig is the BEST!!!!!

    I agree, nothing beats the paperback :) But Kindle is really handy when travelling cause can carry loads of different books with you. :)