Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life Lately

I made this post similar to Lauryn's, which is I think is a more personal take on the popular Sunday Currently link-up. Here's a look at what I've been up to lately.

Reading: The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler. I discovered this book from a good friend of mine who happened to carry it inside her bag during our reunion a few years ago. The title was stuck in my head until now, so I decided to read the book and find out what it's all about. Its a book about the philosophy and way of life of Buddhism and even if you aren't practicing the religion, it is a nice read about contentment, positivity, gratefulness and how to become an overall happier person. It was actually written by Howard Cutler, an American psychiatrist, who posed questions to the Dalai Lama and together they explore the different facets of life.

Listening: I mostly listen to R&B, hip hop, and pop music to accompany me while working out. I just browse through Spotify's workout songs and blast them on my speakers. It keeps you pumped up and motivated!

Feeling: Happy, excited, and nervous. Mixed emotions, really. There are two and a half weeks left before my departure to Sydney and I haven't started packing yet. Sometimes, I feel excited about starting a new life in a new place but other times sadness cause I'll be leaving my family behind. You see, I'm a very family oriented person and this is going to be my first time being away from them. So naturally, I've been bonding with my family and friends a lot these days. I'm definitely going to miss a lot of things here in the Philippines but also, excited to learn, grow and become independent.

Photographing: I love taking photos of the yummy foods that my mom and I are cooking. I also take the time to plate my healthy meals so I can snap a good photo. It serves as an inspiration to me so that I'll be motivated to continue this healthy lifestyle.

Writing: A list of things that I need to bring with me to Sydney so I won't forget. Also, a shopping list like my winter clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Watching: I haven't been watching movies or TV shows that much lately. The only movie I saw this month was 21 Jump Street, a comedy movie starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I'm going to watch the second part with my mom soon.

Using: Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Workout Guide for 2 months now! That's a record for me right there cause I usually stick to a workout routine for only a month in the past. You only need 30 minutes a day to complete Kayla's routine, very sustainable if you ask me and it's like having a personal trainer right in front of you. I can honestly say that this is one of the best things I've done in my life.

Learning: To take care and love myself more. I used to be so hard and critical of myself, to a point that I get so stressed out and depressed. And ever since I made the decision to eat healthier and exercise every week, I noticed my stress levels are down and the fats are melting away! :D

Reminiscing: About my carefree days when I was younger, when life was so much easier. But now its time to put my big girl shoes on and face the real world! It's truly a bittersweet feeling.

Thinking: About the blessings I've received this year, the biggest of which is the approval of my visa, the positive things in my life, my lovely family and friends, my big move to Australia.

Reflecting Upon: My Australian dream and career path. This journey has definitely molded me to become a better person. I took a detour in my career path last year, but now I'm back to where I started. I believe God is directing me to the right path. :)

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