Friday, September 20, 2013

Currently addicted to....

Baby Lips Glow in Pink Blast
I heard a lot of raves about the Maybelline Baby Lips for quite some time now and I wanted to know what the hype was all about. So I recently purchased my first Baby Lips Glow in Pink Blast and it did not disappoint! It was love a first swipe! haha Basically, this balm reacts to the pH levels of your lips, it applies clear and changes to a slight pink tint. Before purchasing this, I was visually accosted by Lip Ice Sheer Color which does the same thing so I contemplated a bit on which one to purchase first. In the end, I went with Maybelline. I guess I'll check out Lip Ice some other time. For now, I'm very satisfied with this. :)

Etude House Happy Tea Time Facial Wash in Green Tea
This is my new HG Facial Wash!  I ran out of facial wash(I can't use soap!) last week so I immediately went to the mall to purchase my usual Pond's facial wash but then I decided to stop by Etude House(oh the lure of that baby pink store!).While checking out their products, this particular line of facial wash caught my eye because its inexpensive and the packaging looks neat.I asked which variant is the best seller and they told me Green Tea.This was an impulse buy that I don't regret at all making. It does an impressive job in making my face squeaky clean! 
 I'm planning to buy the other variants after I finish this one but it'll take a long time as there's a lot of product it inside this tube. 

The Face Shop BB Cream Power Perfection
I received some samples of this from TFS after I visited and bought some of their items for a friend of mine. After trying it out, I was amazed at how it instantly made my skin smoother and my blemishes less noticeable. Although, I find it quite hard to spread all over my face(the solution: apply moisturizer first), it does a great job in covering my imperfections. I think I found the perfect BB cream for me. :)
Palmer's Cocoa Butter
I recently discovered this wonderful lotion through my sister who lives abroad. She gifted me with 2 full sizes of these and ever since I tried it, I became totally addicted! It soothes and soften my dry and sensitive skin plus the chocolatey scent is heavenly. I highly recommend this one.

Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
My friend recommended this book to me and I'm almost done with it. I'm planning on re-reading this right after I finish because that's what I always do when I thoroughly enjoy a story. 

My Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
A guide to welcome more happiness in your life! It also includes guidelines on how to start your own Happiness Project. This is such a great book and I recommend this to everyone who wants to improve their outlook in life.

Shingeki no Kyojin
I cannot even begin to describe my addiction to this series! All thanks to my little twin brothers, I'm hooked! From the very 1st episode of this anime up to the latest episode, the action never stops. This anime is mind-boggling, skin tingling, outrageous and incredible!


I especially love their songs Madness and Undisclosed Desires. 

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