Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bittersweet Memories

Day 3 The October Daily. A high school memory

Today's prompt got me thinking quite deeply. Honestly, my most incredible and unforgettable moments happened during college years. I underwent an extremely awkward stage in high school and I blame it on teenage angst and hormones. The saying that high school is the best time of your life is an overstatement to me. But it wasn't all bad though, there are still a number of pleasant memories that remain. Just let me rack up my memory for the sake of today's topic.

Aside from the field trips and camping held annually, this particular memory is the most prominent among others. During high school, my parents were fiercely strict and protective of me, that is to say, they never allowed me to visit a classmate or a friend's house nor I was allowed to go with them to, let's say, the mall. At times, they would allow me but on the condition that I bring with me either my brother or our household help. Yes, they like to coddle me like that. My daily routine consisted of school and home activities and I somehow longed for more freedom, again blame it on teenage angst and hormones. Finally on my 4th and final year when we were about to graduate, I had my wish granted albeit small and ephemeral. My friend decided to host a party for the whole batch and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate with my batch mates cause I knew that it would be the last time to see them all together. So I came up with some kind of excuse just to attend the party. I forgot what it was as it happened a long time ago but it must have been convincing enough that I was able to get away with it without any chaperon. And I was elated! It gave me the chance to celebrate with all of them and experience a sense of freedom(as minuscule as it may seem, but still!) I still remember the smile on everyone's faces and we felt like nothing could go wrong. I know it sounds quite simple but to me it meant a whole lot back then.  

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  1. Doesn't sound simple and if it made you happy that is all that matters. I will say that I had some moments like this too and high school just really was a simpler time, because in my thirties now things are anything but simple. Thanks for sharing this memory with us!! :)

    1. Haha yes! Maybe the reason why I was kinda socially awkward back then was because I was overprotected but then I've gotten over it somehow. Of course the friends I had then are still around and I consider them as family. :)