Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion | KSNY x Darcel

I LOVE donuts. The addiction can be traced back from my kindergarten days. I remember we had a Dunkin Donuts stall in school and I would always buy donuts every day during recess. A classmate even noticed, "Teacher, look at Trisha, she always eats donuts for snack", to which my teacher chuckled and replied, "That's because it's her favorite". 

Personally, I prefer Dunkin Donuts over any other donut shops.They also carry the best brewed coffee, which is also my mom's favorite and we'd spend a lot of time bonding at their donut shops. 

So imagine my excitement when I saw this Kate Spade New York x Darcel collab! So cute! KSNY is in a New York state of mind for this playful limited edition collection that features the colorful graphics and whimsical icons of NYC artist Craig Redman.

The fun cheeriness of these pieces really speaks to me and it kinda has a Betsy Johnson feel to it. I would love to add the pink purse and donut sweater to my closet. What do you think of this collection? Do you fancy any of these items?


  1. Love the sweater! The clothes really has that quirky Betsy Johnson vibe. :)

    1. I agree! I covet the pink donut purse! <3