Friday, October 4, 2013

Childhood Photo

Day 5 of The October Daily A Childhood Photo

I only managed to come up with one photo as I'm currently staying here in our condominium and luckily, I found this inside my mom's wallet! All my other childhood photos are stored inside a filing cabinet back home so allow me to apologize for the lack thereof(and the fact that it was photo-bombed by a hand). Anyway, let me introduce you to the 2 year old me during my birthday. Clearly, I've no memory left of what happened during that time as it happened a long time ago(I really feel old now) and I also cannot explain why I have that expression on my face. So let me just insert a witty caption, "Littly baby was wondering why the photographer had to stick her hand out while taking a photo. (I mean who does that?) Ha! 

Before I end this note, allow me to share some thoughts about growing up. When you are young, you look forward every year for your birthday because of presents galore, happy faces greeting you, a delicious looking cake, a party, and of course you can ask your parents anything you want as a present. But once you hit your 20s, you can't help wishing that time would slow down; everything seems to be moving so fast and not to mention the idea of getting older becomes more intimidating. This reminds us to cherish life's simple everyday moments and enjoy. Let go of fears and take chances. Empower yourself. Although, getting older isn't all bad, it also means getting wiser and stronger each year. Use that knowledge to inspire others and be inspired by them.

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  1. So true! And I dont know if people notice this, but time just seem to pass by so quickly when you hit your adulthood. But you're right. This is how it goes. We must all grow old and grow wiser at the same time. :D

    1. yup that's true... things are moving too fast now, its scary sometimes but we gotta do what we can to lead a positive and fulfilling life