Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goals and Plans

Day 16 of The October Daily Goals for the future

Lately, I've been reading a lot of inspiring and motivational articles specifically for 20 something individuals like me and I'd like to share a website which has helped me a great deal. It tackles the challenges and struggles of people in their 20's in a profound yet humorous way and you can find so many nuggets of wisdom in there, just take your time and explore it! There are so many lessons and new insights to be gained and I urge you to check it out here. And with a new found inspiration, I've decided to organize my bucket list before I turn 25 and this is going to be a realistic and achievable one. I think this prompt couldn't be more timely as I need gain more perspective on the future.

1. Settle down in Sydney or London
2. Cook a full-course meal(soup, salad, meat, dessert) complete with a nice table setting for my family
3. Host a reunion for my college friends
4. Learn how to drive
5. Practice yoga and run at least 3 times a week
6. Go mountain climbing or nature tripping
7. Join the goodreads reading challenge every year
8. Run a marathon (or some kind of endurance race)
9. Go on a mission or humanitarian aid trip
10. Find a job that I love
11. Master the art of baking French macarons (I'm relying on David Lebovitz to teach me)
12. Tick off some of the items on my Bucket List and Wish List
13. Keep a gratitude journal and quote library
14. Own a recipe box where I can place all my tried and tested recipes
15. Cook/Bake 15 recipes from my collection of Food Network and Yummy magazines


  1. Hi trish! Ive been reading the october daily challenge. And i wanted to ask you in advance if you're up to guess posting? I haven't made questions yet. Hopefully you can do the honor to answer it all. :)

    1. Sure, Nicole! Let us exchange questions then!! :)

    2. Thank you. :) whats your email? ill send it to you once done :)

    3. Sure :)

  2. I'm following and agreeing to this one: 10. Find a job that I love :) How lucky we have to be to actually manage to find a job we love! Good luck!