Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 3

It's the first TSC for the month of October! Lately, I've been so addicted to these link-ups. I'm glad I was able to discover them and this is actually the first link up that I joined in. Anyway, it's such a lovely day today. The sun is shining brightly outside and I'm planning to bake all day, I'm so excited; I'm thinking of biscotti, cupcakes and brownies. Baking has been my most favorite hobby ever since I was 12 when I tasted the chocolate ganache that was left in my mom's spatula while she was baking. I'd love to talk about it more but I need to purchase the ingredients that I'll be needing later, maybe I'll post a separate entry about it in the future. Well, I'm off to the grocery store now. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .  

R E A D I N G Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I found this book in my sister's bookshelf that she already left behind having moved abroad. I haven't really gotten around it cause there were so many books that I have yet to read but suddenly it piqued my interest. I remember her reading this at a time when she was struggling to find herself(she's 7 years older) when she was at my age. I thought it is only fitting for me to read it as I'm currently facing the same dilemma.

W R I T I N G  yet another list! I just LOVE making lists. It's about my fitness goals and plans that will commence tomorrow and I'll probably convince my best friend to join me so we could support and motivate each other. I'm seriously set on getting back on track and holidays are just around the corner so I figured now is the ideal time to prepare for reunions and special occasions.

L I S T E N I N G to Ellie Goulding songs on loop. She's such an AMAZING singer. I was completely blown after hearing a song from her yesterday so I immediately searched for more on Youtube. I've been playing them non-stop since then. Her powerful voice married with empowering lyrics and beats makes her songs nothing short of perfection. If you're reading this, I urge you to check out some of her songs particularly Explosions and Burn. You're bound to get addicted as well!

T H I N K I N G of the ingredients that I need for baking almond biscotti, brownies and cupcakes.

S M E L L I N G the wonderful smell of bacon for breakfast!

W I S H I N G I could find a way to take myself out of this sticky situation and resolve my personal issues once and for all. I won't go into detail as I prefer to keep them private but it has something to do with my career path.

H O P I N G  and P R A Y I N G that things will turn out for the best with regards to my life in general. I hope I could resolve the issues that are looming around and find a way to lead a happier and better life.

W E A R I N G an over sized Abercrombie red shirt and white shorts. I love wearing over sized shirts every time I'm staying home all day.

L O V I  N G the inspiring and motivating things I learn everyday through blogging. Ever since I started, I've been bombarded with positive feelings, thoughts and ideas. It takes my mind off the negative and it gives me something to look forward to everyday. 

W A N T I N G to be more confident and fearless when it comes to making decisions. I feel like I've lost so many opportunities because I tend to let the negative opinions of others get to me resulting to unmotivated disposition and eventually turning those opportunities down.

N E E D I N G to grab myself a cup of Salted Caramel Mocha over at Starbucks. I've been craving for weeks!

F E E L I N G blessed and inspired. Despite all the trials I'm facing, I'm fortunate enough to have a wonderful support group who loves me unconditionally.

C L I C K I N G the recipes from Giada and Barefoot Contessa's websites


  1. Hey, stopping by from the link up. I love that you're "needing" Starbucks too! It's been a long week for me, and I am definitely excited to go pick up a cup of delicious hot goodness later today. I hope everything works out for you in regards to the career issues you're currently stressing over ... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

    1. Hi Jordan, thank you so much. That is so nice of you to say I've been feeling blue and stressed a lot lately but I'll do my best. Yes, starbucks is the best since slice bread. haha