Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rainy Days & Lattes

Day 11 of The October The things I love to do during rainy days

1. Reading good books with a hot cup of chocolate or coffee on the side.

 2. Writing.

 3. Listening to my favorite songs or my brother playing the piano.

4. Eating a hot bowl of bacon-corn chowder and ham sandwich.

5. Enjoying the scent of delicious smelling candles in the air.

6. Catching up with friends and cousins via Skype, cellphone or twitter.

7. Watching chick flicks or drama series with my sister or friends.

8. Baking with my mom.

9. Looking up inspiring and motivating reads on the web.


  1. reading a good book with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee while it is raining sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!

  2. These are awesome, you did such a nice list! I'm jealous.

  3. These are wonderful things Trish! :) Definitely could pass for a Happy List too! :) And that bacon-corn chowder is tempting!!!!

    1. Mmmm yeah! Its my ultimate comfort food! It has potatoes, bacon, and corn with a creamy texture. It's very filling too. I love it. Best paired with a ham sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich. I love to cook them when we're in Baguio too! :)

  4. Ok, so could you please mail me your entire #4 photo?! Not the actual photo but the food!!! LOL It looks so yummy! Awesome things to do for rainy days, and everyday!

    1. Haha sure!! If only I could, its my comfort food during rainy days and it is the best thing ever! :D