Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Happy List, vol. 3

1. The feeling you get when a terrible time is over.

2. Coming up with the right solutions to problems.

3. Finding my true calling/purpose.

4. Freshly baked cookies, pastries and cakes.

5. The smell of a bookstore.

6. A book I can't put down.

7. Finding something I love on sale.

8. New school supplies

9. Compilation of tried and tested recipes, cookbooks and food magazines.

10. Finding money I forgot about.

11. The realization that this too shall pass.

12. Big, tight hugs that make you feel wanted and loved.

13. Finally saying goodbye to someone who does nothing but hurt you.

14. Comfy clothes, a comfy bed, delicious smelling candle and my favorite book or movie.

15. Unprecedented peacefulness.

16. Donuts and brewed coffee

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